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About Berryman Products & Our History

The history of Berryman Products dates to 1918 when Waldo B. "Pappy" Berryman traded a prize winning stud horse for a patented tire sealing formula. The patent was transferred on the 23rd day of December, 1919.

With his family, Pappy traveled across the country in a converted wood panel Graham Truck.

They traveled from coast to coast bartering their Sealex Tire Sealer for meals, fuel and accommodations. It's told when Pappy hit a hot sales area he would set up production in a rented room, mix his formula in the bathtub, then fill orders from his truck the next day.

Located in a back-woods area of Lima, Ohio, an old shack was converted to serve as the first manufacturing site for Berryman Products.

Packaged in glass, early major products like Solvall Tune Up Oil, OilZall Valve Oil, and Lubrex Super-Lubricant gained localized acceptance and popularity and set the pace for Berryman's quality reputation.

Coolex, Rust Knox, EZ Doz-It, Zingo, Gyroseal, Rad-Seal, Bloxit, Boilero and Quix were other products added to the line during the first 35 years of business.

In 1958, B-12 Chemtool ® was developed as a multi-purpose surface cleaning solvent and soon became Berryman's flagship product.

After Pappy retired in the 1960's R.H. Blankenship learned of the company and its strong reputation through the long time acquaintance of Pappy's only son, Colonel Waldo "Bud" Berryman, Jr. R.H. purchased the company in 1970 and became the owner of Berryman Products, Incorporated, headquartered then in Dallas, Texas.

Early in the 1970's, Berryman Products moved to larger facilities in Arlington, Texas. As the company flourished through the 70's, facilities were expanded and satellite distribution centers were established to accommodate growth and expansion.

During the 70's and 80's other Blankenship family members joined the company starting at the grass roots by blending, packaging, assembling and shipping the product. Through the years, each of the family members chose different areas of responsibility to pursue according to their interest.

R.H. Blankenship found other interests to capitalize on in the mid 1980's and sold the company to his immediate family in 1986.

As we as we approach our 93rd year in business, Berryman continues to recognize that it is our customers and our people who make us what we are today. To our customers we recommit ourselves to provide you with immediate personal service, and to produce products that meet the highest quality standards of performance, reliability and environmental responsibility. To our employees, the above commitment reflects our confidence in you and is our standard for the future.