Annual College & Career Expo | AISD Dan Dipert Career + Technical High School

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Last year we had 42 businesses participate in Arlington ISD Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center's annual program, and 700 high school juniors & seniors attended.  This upcoming year, our goal is to grow the number of company participation and serve over 1,000 students.  Help us achieve that goal by signing up and participating in this event!

Industrial Growth in North Texas

The Texas summers are not the only thing heating up in North Texas.  The region’s economy is growing at a blistering pace.   DFW is growing faster than the nation – about 2 percent points faster.  This outsized performance is only possible with robust labor force expansion.  The DFW labor force increased 3.1 percent over the past year, while the sharing of people working or seeking employment was little changed.

President's Message

GSWIDA, Here to Help

The economy has been and continues to soar.  Constant development and “Help Wanted” signs in front of every other building further illustrate the vast majority of firms throughout GSW remain confident on the future.  While growth and economic health is positive, there are always bumps in the road.  Did you know all the resources the GSWIDA has at your disposal?  Allow me to highlight a few.